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Track Condition and Maintenance Schedule

Tracks in The Remote Hut Zone

TrackCurrent ConditionLast CutPriority For RecuttingAgency or Person ResponsibleNext Cut
Adventure Biv from Toaroha valleyGood2102HighDOC fully maintainOngoing
Adventure Biv to Top Kokatahi Track/ RouteGood2012HighDOC fully maintainOngoing
Allan Knob from Cedar FlatAncient and very overgrown1970’’s?LowAndrew FriedmanLate 2018
Bald Hill from Totara ValleyGood
LowGlenn Johnston,
Blowfly Hut to Horseshoe Flat (Moeraki)GoodRecut by DOC 2016HighDOC fully maintainOngoing
Blue Lookout From Hunters HutGetting quite overgrown, particularly in the scrub belt, but well marked?MediumDOC??
Bluff Hut track From Mungo ValleyGood2015HighDOC fully maintainOngoing
Bluff Hut Route and Track From Frew BivGood2015HighDOC fully MaintainOngoing
Boo Boo Track from Kokatahi roadendWell cut and marked. May 2017
HighAndrew Buglass
Boo Boo to Crawford JunctionCut and marked to 3-wire. River travel with bush detours cut and marked from there.
November 2017MediumAndrew Buglassongoing
Browning Biv Track from Grassy FlatReasonable2013HighDOC fully maintainOngoing
Browning Biv To Top Crawford Hut via Lathrop SaddleReasonable2013HighDOC fully maintainOngoing
Browning Range Tops from Mid StyxGood2014LowGlenn JohnstonOngoing
Campbell Range (Mt. Walcott) from Mudflats HutGood.2017LowBruce McClelland
Campbell Biv TrackGood2017MedEigill Wahlberg
Cataract Creek tops from Prices FlatOK to 700m, overgrown but OK to 900m, easy again to 1100m, difficult from here.1970's?Low??
Clearview Spur Track from Moonbeam HutReasonably Good
2015/ Rechecked and marked to 800m August 2016Low-MedPermolatOngoing
Cone Creek TrackGood Condition
retrimmed 2016
2015MedJack Grinstead?
Cone Creek - Morgan Tops TrackGood Condition
retrimmed 2016
2015Low-MedJack Grinstead??
County Stream Track Good2015MedGeoff SpearpointOngoing
Crane Creek - Rochfort Basin - Logjam Creek to Waikiti Hut
Some re-marking and trimming in 2017, but very overgrown still in some places.
Cropp Basin to Noisy Creek TopsVery Overgrown?LowNo Offers?
Crystal Biv TrackGood (checked 2016)
2014MedAndrew Barker/ Andrew Buglass2017
Dickie Ridge from Polluck Creek HutRoughly cut and marked to 300m. Cut but not marked to 950m. Very overgrown from here2014/  Early 1970'sLow??
Dickie Spur Hut from Mikonui FlatGood2012HighDOC fully maintain??
Diedrich Range Tops from Serpentine HutMostly goneearly 70's?LowNo interest?
Dunns Hut Track from Mid Taipo HutGood2015MedDOC Fully maintainOngoing
Dunns Hut via TL of Dunns Creek Good2015MedVarious Permolat peopleongoing
Eastern Hohonu River TrackOvergrown - partially recutRecut from the road to the head of the gorge 2012LowEigill Wahlberg?
Explorer Hut Tracked sections from the MikonuiGood. Needs  a bit more permolat around gorge section
Explorer Hut Track from Hokitika Gorge via Murray SaddleTracked sections goodRecut and marked 2015.
Redone down to Vanina Stream 2016


Explorer Hut - Miserable Ridge trackCut and marked to 1122m
Cut but not marked from 1177m to 1340m
2017LowAndrew Friedman
Explorer Hut to Fraser Peak TrackRough, but reasonable (needs permolatting)
Rough cut and taped 2016
Frew Biv track and route from the Whitcombe valleyGood2012HighDOC Fully Maintain?
Frisco track from Darby CreekRidge section good. Sidle section reasonable, but needs tidying work
2011/ 15/ 17
MedAndrew Buglass?

Frisco track from Serpentine Hut

Good2017MediumAndrew BuglassOngoing
Frisco route onto Diedrich RangeCut & marked. Good2016LowNo Offers yet?
Gerhardt Spur Biv trackGood to 900m/ Ok rest of way2018/ 2013MediumDOC?/ Andrew Friedman
Goat Hill from Barrack CreekOK?MediumDOC/ locals??
Greys Hut track from Karamea roadendMostly good, route start needs significant work from Umere Road End to the start of the pack track behind the private landSome work done 2106
Griffin Creek from Harrington Creek (SH73)Reasonable. Still needs a fair bit of tidying up, and marking.Sporadic work. Most recent   2016HighVarious Permolat people
Griffin Creek to Rocky Creek SaddlePartially recut - top end. Overgrown still on lower section Places2014MedFrank King/ Honora Renwick
Headlong Spur Track (Waitaha)Cut and marked to 1160m in 2016/ patchy scrub above this.2016Mediumvarious
Healey Creek Hut TrackGood ConditionRecut and marked 2014 & 15MediumAlastair Macdonald & Alan JemisonOngoing
Hokitika Gorge TL to Minnow CreekOvergrown - some bits useable, the rest riverbed travel better?LowAny takers??
Horseshoe Flat Hut to Middle Head Hut (Moeraki)Good
Recut by DOC 2016MediumDOC MaintainOngoing
Hunters Hut Overgrowing in places, but generally OK to follow?MediumDOC Maintain??
Hunts Hut via Kellys Creek and Hunts SaddleGood at last report2012MediumDOC Fully MaintainOngoing
Inframeta Tops from the Hoki/ Whitcombe JunctionVery overgrown, probably gone in placeEarly 1970's?Low??
Inframeta Tops from FrewsOK - needs more markers and a bit more trimming in places2011LowGlenn Johnston/ John Hutt?
Jacko Flat Hut from Cooked RoadendWindthrow  on first half, but OK/ Retrimmed in 20172017/ 15mediumDOC Fully Maintain??
Jacks Creek Mt. Alexander Tops trackMostly goneunknownLowNo interest?
Johnson Hut From the Wangapeka via Kiwi SaddleOvergrown, but mostly followableunknownLowNo interest??
Julia Hut to Harman Pass via Mary CreekGood2013MediumDOC fully maintain?
Julia Hut to upper Julia Creek basinThe bottom and top thirds of the
track recut.The middle section still needs some work but is easily
Recut June 2016LowEigill Wahlberg
Kaimata Range from Top Crooked HutUnknown, probably very overgrownunknownLow??
Kakapo Hut from the Little WanganuiOk at the ends, overgrown or gone in the middle 60%a localLow-Meda local??
Kakapo Hut from the WangapekaReasonable to SaddleunknownLow-MedNo Takers?
Kakawau Peak TrackWell marked but could do with the removal of quite a few windfallsunknownLow-MedAlan Jemison/ WCAC??
Karnbach Tops via Tarpot CreekGood condition
July 2017
Low-MedAndrew Buglass?
Kiwi Flat from North Bank of WaitahaOK/ getting boggy in places above Gorge
2012HighDOC Fully Maintain?
Kiwi Flat - Moonbeam TrackReasonably Good2015/ rechecked, remarked and trimmed August 2016
Knobby Ridge TrackProbably gone in most placesearly 70's?Lowno interest?
Korepuku tops TrackGoodOngoingMediumFrank King/ Honora Renwick Ongoing
Lake Kaurapataka TrackGood2012Fully maintainDOC?
Lake Morgan Hut via Brian O'Lynn tops trackStill followable, but needs Cutting, marking and realignment2012MediumDOC Maintain??
Lake Morgan Tops from Top Crooked topsGood2015MediumDOC??
Lambert Spur TrackWindthrow lower down. Overgrown and hard to follow above 700m
Lower Olderog Biv TrackGood2014MediumAndrew BuglassOngoing
Middle Head Hut to upper TR branch of the MoerakiStill good?LowNo interest??
Mid Styx Track (Upper Valley)Good2014Medium-HighGlenn JohnstonOngoing
Mid Styx Track (Lower Valley)Good2014Medium-HighGlenn Johnstonongoing
Mikonui Spur Biv track from Mikonui valleyReasonably Good2013MediumDOC Fully Maintain?
Mikonui Spur track from Explorer CreekTotally overgrown or gone, probably not useableLate 1960's?LowNo interest
Mirage Knob from Wanganui cablewayVery overgrown/ gone completely at top and bottom1970's?LowNo interest?
Miserable Ridge from Rapid CreekGood/ a little rough in the alpine scrub zone.
Cut and marked 2017LowAndrew Friedman
Moonbeam Hut to Chainman CreekReasonably Good2015/ Moonbeam to bridge rechecked June 2016
Mt. Allen from the Waitaha South bankMostly or entirely Gone??Lowno interest?
Mt. Barron tops from SH 73 underpass
Overgrowing but followable2010Low-med??
Mt. Barron Tops from Goat CreekGood2013Low-medDoug ForsterOngoing
Mt. Brown Track from Geologist CreekGood, but getting muddy in places from all the useJune 2016HighGlenn JohnstonOngoing
Mt. Brown Track from the Styx ValleyGoodJune 2017HighGlenn JohnstonOngoing
Mt. Browne/ Misty Ridge from Rapid CreekReasonable travelRoughly cut and cruise-taped Nov 2017LowPhil Novis/ Jason Sweney?
Mt. Elliot tops from the Ahaura - Kopara RoadOK. The majority re cut and marked. Last couple of hundred metres through scrub still overgrown2013LowBen Aynsley??
Mt. FrenchGood - bit of windthrow at lower end?MedDOC Maintained?
Mt. Griffin via Wilsons Knob from the Griffin Creek trackOvergrowing but OK to followPartial trim 2009LowAlan Jemison?
Mt. Kerr trackSlightly overgrown. Flax needing a trim in scrub zone
Retrimmed June 2016MediumVarious?
Mt. Mason trackProbably very overgrown
Nothing for quite a few yearsLow??
Mt. Mueller TrackReasonably Good. Some clearing and marking done early 2015MedPeter Alspach2016
Mt. Smart tops TrackOK
2016/ 17
LowGlenn Johnston/ John Hutt
Mt. Turiwhate From TR (scrub edge) Grahams Creek Bridge on SH73Good condition.  Poled at topLast Trim May 2017MediumGlenn JohnstonOngoing
Mt. Watson (starts 100m up Croesus track)Good conditionOpened up 2015MediumDOC/ volunteerOngoing?
Mt. Wilberg Good
October 2017
MediumAndrew Buglass
Mueller Tarns TrackOK-some lack of definition near top and a bit of windthrowRe-marked to 900m and a bit of clearance done 2015MedPeter Alspach2016
Mullins Basin TrackGood, but needs a bit more trimming and marking in places
Mullins Basin Tops routes to Mts. O'Connor and RossOK in 20082008Low??
Mungo Hut valley access from Poet HutGood2012MediumDOC maintained route?
Mungo Hut access from Park Stream and upper MungoGood2015MedAndrew Buglass/ Geoff Spearpoint?
Newton Biv Track from Styx valleyGood2015MediumAndrew Buglass/ Eigill WahlbergOngoing
Newton Hut from the Arahura valleyGood2017mediumDOC/ community??
Newton Hut to Dunns Hut via Newton SaddleGood2015MediumDOC Fully Maintain?
Newton Range tops from Lower ArahuraGood - steep though2013LowAndrew Buglass/ Glenn Johnston?
Noisy Creek Basin from Whitcombe ValleyGood2011MediumDOC Fully Maintain?
Otehake Valley trackOvergrownDOC premarked the track in 2010, then ceased maintenanceMedCraig Benbow??
Otoko Valley from the Paringa confluence to Reynolds FlatOKCleared and marked with tape in 2014LowLouisa Hines??
Pell Stream Hut marked routeExcellent (checked 2016)
Pfeifer Biv route up Paratu StreamOK2012MedFrank King/ Honora Renwick?
Pinnacle Biv Track From Kokatahi valleyCut and marked. A bit of flax and astelia in montane zone2106HighVarious Permolat people Ongoing
Poet Hut from the Bluff SwingbridgeGood2012HighDoc Fully Maintain?
Polluck Creek Hut to Truran PassTrack section getting a bit overgrown, but OK. Creek section easy travel
2010LowNo offers?
Rangi Taipo tops from Seven MileReasonably Good - a bit of regrowth further up2013/ The lower section was given a trim in 2014MedFrank King/ Honora Renwick/ Alan Jemison/ Craig Benbow2017
Rata Ridge from the Poerua valleyOvergrowing?Low-Med??
Roaring Billy Hut trackGood to first big flat downvalley from Hut/ very overgrown from here down.2016MedGeoff Spearpoint2016
Rocky Creek Biv from the Taipo BridgeSome fresh windthrow in river sections
2016MedFrank King/ Honora Renwick/ Eigill WahlbergOngoing
Rocky Creek Biv to Rocky Creek Saddle routeGood2014MedFrank King/ Honora Renwick and othersOngoing
Rolleston River trackOK - rough underfoot. Needs a good trim and some marking?MediumDOC maintain?
Scamper Torrent Hut from Kiwi FlatMostly Good. Needs tidying and marking at bottom end
Serpentine Hut from the Rapid Creek cageRough country, but cut  &  marked around canyons & other necessary bits
2017MediumAndrew BuglassOngoing
Scottys Biv tops track opposite Seven Mile Creek GoodRecut and marked 2015Med Andrew Buglass2018
Sir Robert Hut via Homeward Ridge TrackOK, needs a trim in a few placesLight trim 2015MediumNo Offers yet2016?
Smyth Hut from Hunters HutReportedly rough going with flood damage. DOC recently recut tracked section above Devastation Creek2015HighDOC?
Squall Peak Track from Cedar FlatReasonable. Needs a bit more trimming in places2015MediumAndrew Barker2016
Steadman Brow tops track from Whitcombe valleyGood2013MediumDOC Fully Maintain?
Taramakau Valley TrackGood2012Fully maintainDOC?
Terra Quinn/ Amethyst Ravine (Entrance 50 metres along from Wanganui hot springs park)Good, but needs a bit more marking
LowPeter Sinclair, and friends
Thomas River Hut trackOvergrown?MedGeoff Spearpoint2016
Toaroha Biv from Top Toaroha HutGood2012HighDOC Fully MaintainOngoing
Toaroha Biv from Mungo ValleyGood2012HighDOC Fully MaintainOngoing
Top Crawford Hut from Crawford JunctionGood2012HighDOC Fully MaintainOngoing
Top Crooked track from Jacko Flats HutReasonably goodRetrimmed 2017MediumDOC?/ Jack Grinstead?
Top Kokatahi Hut from Crawford JunctionGood2012HighDOC Fully MaintainOngoing
Top Trent Hut from Elizabeth HutOK to Trent saddle/ the rest Good2009/ 2015Med DOC/ Permolat?
Top Trent to Mt. Dixon TopsGood2015LowAndrew Buglass
Townsend Hut from the Taramakau ValleyGood2017MediumGraham Jackson
The Trench (from Olderog to Newton Creek)Unknown - probably v. overgrown & gone in placesEarly 70's?LowBruce McLelland?
Tuke Hut from Dickie SpurGood2012MediumDOC Fully maintain??
Tunnel Creek Hut trackGood2015Med-HighGeoff Spearpoint?
Tunnel Creek Rock Biv trackRecut and marked. Good condition2014HighGeoff SpearpointOngoing
Urquhart's Knob Track from Kiwi FlatVanished at start, probably very overgrown or gone elsewhereEarly 1970's?Lowno interest?
Vincent Creek Tops Track from the WhitcombeEither very overgrown or goneEarly 1970's?LowNo Interest?
Waikiti Hut from Ahaura RoadendReasonably good. Bit of clearing and cruse-taping done in 2017
2009/ 2017
mediumCraig Benbow
Wheel Creek Hut trackGood2012MediumOver 40's Tramping Club?
Whitcombe main valley tracks TRGood2013HighDOC fully maintainOngoing
Whitehorn Spur track from Crawford JunctionVery overgrown - gone in placesMid 70's?LowAlan Jemison??
Wilkinson Hut via Whitcombe valley tracksGood2013HighDOC maintainedOngoing
Wilkinson Hut to Phalow CreekVery overgrown - gone in places1970's?Low??
Wren Creek and Allan Knob from Cedar FlatOk in places, very overgrown, or gone in others1970's?LowAndrew Barker?
Yeats Ridge Track from the Toaroha ValleyGood
2016HighVarious Permolat
Yeats Ridge tops from Yeats Ridge HutGood - a few extra snow poles would improve things2016Mediumvariousongoing