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Kiwi Flat Hut

Kiwi Flat Hut

(Kiwi Flat Hut: Photo Andrew Buglass 2020)

Maintenance Status

Kiwi Flat Hut and its access track from the roadend up the TR of the valley are fully maintained by DOC.


Waitaha catchment. GPS: E1416735/ N5221676 (BW17 167 217). Map BW17. 265m altitude. Kiwi Flat Hut is located on a low terrace on the TR of Whirling Water, 400m upstream from its confluence with the Waitaha River and adjacent to the large river flat from which it derives its name. The bush surrounds are podocarp, rata, hardwood and the Hut is a pleasant and relatively easy overnighter, or first stop for those heading further up the Waitaha valley. The swingbridge at the bottom end of the Flat provides views into the top entrance of the spectacular Morgan Gorge which kayakers view as one of the most challenging stretches of white water in the country. An application for a run of the river hydro scheme at the top of the Gorge proposed by Westpower was recently declined by the Minister for the environment. Although promoted as environmentally friendly, the proposed weir and tunnel system would have effectively removed three quarters of the Gorge's water, completely altering the character of this beautiful natural feature.


Official access up the Waitaha to Kiwi Flat is via the TR of the valley. From the DOC carpark a narrow strip of unoccupied Crown Land between the farm fence and the River is followed, then a piece of covenanted land around Pt. 202m. One of the braids of the River is cutting in against a bluff here. This can be waded at normal flows and a shingle bar followed to where the farmland recommences. A cut detour around the bluffs isn't necessary at the moment and wouldn't be accessible in any case if the River were up. So at the moment Kiwi Flat is a fine weather route unless you want to chance asking permission from the Farm Manager to use a private road that runs around the back of Pt 202m and up to Macgregor Creek. There is no guarantee you'll get this. Once past Pt. 202m the route reconnects with the farm road which can be walked to McGregor Creek.

After MacGregor Creek it is easy river travel for around a half hour to the start of the track which enters the bush at an unnamed side creek (E1415316/ N5242071). It follows the creek up a couple of hundred metres, exits, and climbs steeply onto a bush terrace (there is a ladder and chain at the top of this pitch). The track follows the terrace for a bit then climbs up and over the shoulder of a spur before dropping onto a bench above the Morgan Gorge. The trail drops down to a swingbridge at the top end of the Gorge and crosses back to the TL. Head up the river flat from the bridge to where the river has cut into a low bluff and follow rough track through a short section of bush to Whirling Water. This is generally easy to ford at normal flows. A large orange triangle 200m up the TR of Whirling Water marks the start of a short section of track to the Hut. Allow around three hours currently from the roadend to Kiwi Flat.

The original Kiwi Flat route up South bank of the Waitaha is still useable although rough in places. Andre and Corina Winkelman did some trimming and cruise-taping on it in December 2109. Permission from P.D. Farms is required for access across the paddocks at the South Bank roadend. The latest report (March 2020) is that the owners have stopped all access to trampers and hunters because of problems with not asking, leaving gates open, and shooting cattle. An old farm track from the furthest paddock down off the terrace leads to an old bulldozed cutting down to a flood channel on the Waitaha. Follow this upstream for a few hundred metres to where it joins the River just down from the Douglas Creek confluence. Andre and Corina trimmed and marked down the cutting to the flood channel and the short section of bush terrace from the end of the flood channel To Douglas Creek. The boulderhop from Douglas Creek to Glamour Glen is straightforward in normal conditions. The entry to the old sidle track above the Morgan Gorge is well marked. A short distance along there are two large, recent slips about 100 metres apart that have wiped out the old track. Andre and Corina marked a route across and between these. Further along an older slip is crossed and this had been used to access a hot spring down in the gorge (approx. E1415560/ N5222293 (BW17 156 223)). Recent reports indicate that the spring may no longer be useable due to river changes. The last bit of the climb down is very exposed and slippery, and I'd suggest taking a length of rope for this. The track continues sidling around the Gorge, eventually dropping back down to the River at the bottom end of Kiwi Flat. Allow 2-3 hours from the farm boundary to the Hut for this route.


Kiwi Flat Hut is a standard NZFS SF70 six-bunk design with open fire built in the 1960's. It was lined in the early 1980's and had one of the cupboards at the entrance removed to create more space. A water tank and woodshed were installed shortly after the DOC transition in 1987.


Kiwi Flat Hut is in excellent condition currently. The chimney was patched in a few places a few years back and the rest of the Hut had some major maintenance done by DOC in September 2019. It was re-piled, had the lead removed from the roof, and new fly screens, fire surround and ceiling sheet installed. The hut was painted, the toilet door and latches fixed, the water tank cleaned, and the helipad cleared. New mattress covers were provided.

Upper Valley Tracks and Other Routes

DOC abandoned the tracks in the upper Waitaha in the early 1990's. The Permolat Group took on a maintenance role in 2007 and have made several subsequent track cutting forays into the valley, the last in April 2017. DOC very kindly did a chainsaw run down from Moonbeam to Kiwi in January 2020 when they were in the valley working on the Kiwi Flatroute. The track up to Moonbeam Hut from Kiwi Flat starts at the Kiwi Flat Hut door and climbs steeply up onto a bush terrace that separates the Waitaha from Whirling Water. After the Headlong Spur turnoff the track drops off the terrace and sidles across the bush faces above the Waitaha Gorge. After about 20 minutes the track veers sharply uphill and climbs to 510 metres to get around two large active slips, before dropping back to the original trackline and continuing upvalley. There are a number of ups and downs before it starts descending to the River just upstream of Mark Creek.

From here it is around an hour's boulderhopping, with a couple of small bush detours to Moonbeam Hut. Moonbeam Torrent, a short distance downriver from the Hut, is large and swift and usually impassable after heavy rain. The track up to the Hut starts on the riverbed 10 minutes upstream from the Torrent, and climbs steeply 60 vertical metres onto the terrace where the Hut is located. Allow 4-5 hours to get from Kiwi Flat to Moonbeam Hut.

The track to Scamper Torrent Hut starts 75m up the TR of Labyrinth Creek at the bottom of Kiwi Flat. The track hasn't received any official maintenance for some years and is reliant now on volunteer input to keep it open. It is currently in pretty good order although the bottom section is getting a bit rough, and needs re-marking. The open sections leading over and down into Scamper torrent basin have been cruise-taped. Andre and Corina tidied up the track entrance in December 2019.

The track climbs steeply out of Labyrinth Creek, then flattens and ascends a sloping bush terrace towards the toe of the hill where it connects with a narrow steep spur. About half an hour up the spur a new slip has wiped out a section of track. which has a roughly trimmed detour on its TR, marked only at its entry on the uphill side. The rest of the track is good to the tussock line where the spur connects with the broad ridge bounding the TL of Scamper Torrent basin at point 1125m. There's a pole just above a tarn and another quite a distance further down. Below this a cut trail leads down through a band of alpine to the floor of the basin. It is a 10 minute walk from here upriver to the Hut, which is located on the terrace on the TL of the Torrent. Allow 2.5-3 hours for the journey from Kiwi Flat Hut to Scamper Torrent Hut.

The track up Headlong Spur starts 1/2 an hour up the main valley track from Kiwi Flat and provides access to the Smyth Range. The track was recut and marked to around 1160m in 2016. In December 2019 Andre and Corina did some trimming from 1400m down to the knoll at 1160m, and a bit of general tidying from 1160m down.

The Headlong Spur route forms part of a three-day alpine circuit encompassing Kiwi Flat, the Smyth Range, and Scamper Torrent. There is one steep section on the Smyth Range bordering the Kea Glacier which is generally snow-free from late summer, but would require ice axes at other times if conditions were icy. Most of the Range is relatively easy travel however, and there are plenty of good campsites. Scamper Torrent is accessed by dropping in a WNW direction down some sloping benches under Mt. Durward into the small basin on the lee side point 1397m. Follow the small stream from the basin to where it drops over a waterfall and continue sidling West across the tussock faces onto the broad spur bounding the TR of the main branch of Scamper Torrent. This spur has a small creek bisecting it. The high ground on either side of the creek can be followed through patchy scrub down into the main basin. The Hut is visible most of the way down from Durward in fine conditions.

County Stream Hut can be accessed by means of a high traverse of Mts. Neville and Barry. There is a bit of permanent snow on these two peaks, and it is advisable to carry an iceaxe at most times of the year. There is a steep, exposed section of Clearview Spur between points 1945m and 1690m that requires downclimbing. The route from Clearview Spur into County Stream is down the faces on the TL of Canary Creek. Drop into Canary Creek for the last couple of hundred metres to avoid a band of alpine scrub just above the valley floor. A fit party may be able to get from Kiwi to County in a day over the tops, but it makes more sense to camp out and break the journey in two.

Smyth Hut in the Wanganui can be accessed by dropping off the Smyth Range at point 1830m. The upper Smyth River is good travel down to just below the Bradshaw Creek confluence. From here the going gets bouldery and rough. While this route could theoretically be done in a long day from Kiwi Hut by a fit party, it would be more sensible to allow two. The swingbridge across the Wanganui just above the Smyth confluence was washed away in a flash flood in 2013.


Nil required currently. The Headlong Spur track between 900m and 1000m could benefit from a bit more cutting, From 550m down to the track end itโ€™s well cruise-taped, but could do with more permolatting. There's enough permolat and nails under a stump at the junction to do this.

Provisions on Site

One camp oven minus lid, two billies, a pot, some small frypans, a broom, two aluminium buckets, plastic and aluminium wash basins, two axes, a slasher, a hammer, a reasonable amount of nails (various sizes) and staples, long tek screws, a small quantity of permolat, a pruning saw, a philips screwdriver, a sealant gun and two tubes of sealant, 2 paintbrushes, 2 paint rollers plus three sleeves and a tray. Under the hut there are three lengths of plastic downpipe, a length of spouting, and a roll of No. 8 wire, some spare piles, paint and a roll of clearlight.